What Clients Are Saying

Vanessa and I met in 1990 when I interviewed her for a position in my dental office.  At the time I was using a University of Nebraska questionnaire, a test for the level of helping aptitude. I used this test well over seven years and never had anyone score higher than Vanessa. The test proved to be very accurate because over the next five years she was instrumental in transforming my practice into a vibrant, caring client centered practice. This deeply felt caring attitude was exhibited in so many positive ways.

In all these years of practicing dentistry and participating in civic and social events, I have never encountered anyone that I could recommend higher than Vanessa. The reason that I could make such a statement is that I know Vanessa in her absolute intellectual honesty would never accept a position that she could not become completely immersed in and believe in.

          –  John Atkinson, D.D.S.

Steve 06-2015.jpg ed1 (2)I have enjoyed working with Vanessa for over 20 years. I have come to think of her as my business partner rather than an employee. She exhibits extraordinary vision and creativity. Vanessa is a good listener with gut instincts that enable her to clearly assess any situation and take positive action. She has the ability to see not only what is but what can be. In addition to being a creative problem-solver, Vanessa has earned my complete trust. She knows more about the business of my practice than I do and she has consistently made sound business decisions and provided thoughtful advice.

I am happy to speak with anyone who is considering working with Vanessa…there are so many ways she can help a dental practice!

– Steve H. Brooksher, D.D.S.

I can’t thank Vanessa enough for everything she has done to get us on track. My mind is at peace knowing we’ve been guided through the financial Land of Oz!

– Stephen Morgan, D.D.S.